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Raw material Recovery via 360° Toner Recycling 

How can one recycle toner cartridges that can no longer be refilled, environmentally compatible and sparingly? This was the question posed by our managing director, Gottfried Denner. What evolved is a project, that is completely unique in the market.  


The toner cartridges that can no longer be refilled are broken down into their component parts in our 360° recycling plant. The aim is the recovery of the raw materials from the non-recyclable toner cartridges under the strictest safety requirements.


Subsequently the sorting plant separates the raw materials according to ferric, aluminium and diverse plastics. The resulting shredder material is fed back into the recyclable material circuit.


This is especially important, since with the recovery of raw materials the water balance and ecosystem as well as their consequences on the biodiversity are spared, because pollutants and greenhouse gases are saved.

Raw materials are also finite, their recovery has social and ecological consequences worldwide – here every individual bears joint responsibility.

Our motto is therefore “Protecting nature starts on a small scale.”


Our 360° Toner Recycling project won first place at the Skarabäus – the Lower Austrian waste management prize, which made us particularly proud.

Prizes were awarded for projects that, in a very particular way, have positive effects on the recycling economy in the Lower Austria region, ensure for sustainability and are characterized by a high degree of digitalisation.

Do you want to look behind the scenes of our recycling plant? Then watch our image film:

Toner Schredderanlage

360° Toner Recycling in Laa an der Thaya

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